beijing shooping strategy


Trademark specialized store model, such as: 

wangfujing shopping street; sanlitun area; guiyou department store; yansha Lufuthana department store; Solana living style shopping area; every typies department store


Time honored brand shop, such as:

QuanJuDe Roast Duck Restaurant; WuYuTai Tea Shop; zhangyiyuan tea shop; TongRenTang (Traditional Chinese Medicine,Chinese herbal medicine) Pharmacy Store; NeiLianSheng Shoes Shop; RuiFuXiang Clothes Shop;  (list:


Wholesale Market, are being moved gradually to other cities, such as:

tianyi wholesale small commodity market; DaHongMen area; yabaolu area;


Free Market (Flea Market), such as:

pearl market; silk market; laofanjie market; JinWuXing market; 


Taxfree shops, some of the shops:


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