How do you communicate to a taxi driver that would want a receipt upfront and how do you negotiate the price without knowing Chinese?
How do you know would not be scammed?

1. don't negotiate with the taxi driver;
2. the driver should retract the Empty plate on the top of front windshield after car start to go, it opens the Taximeter at the same time.
3. pay attention to the taximeter if running normally.
4. when arriving at the hotel, driver should reopen the Empty plate and the receipt should be printed from the taximeter. if driver want to give you other used receipt, don't receive it.
5. when you get hold of the receipt, generally speaking, the driver will not dare to scam to you.
6. if the driver detour, you should pay it firstly and then filed a complaint for it, generally speaking, you could get your money back after several days or weeks. 

Sometimes they detour a bit when there is heavy traffic. Not to scam, but trying to save time. Use official taxis. Never use a taxi that is asking you if you need a ride, or that is already waiting outside a tourist spot.

The procedure is described above. At the end, if you want receipt, just point at it. Taxi driver will understand. If you come from, or go to, the airport there is also a small tolling fee. They will add it at the end and you will also get the payment slip.

The price may change slightly if you go at busier times (such as rush hour).

You could take a photo of the drivers ID - normally pinned/stuck to the front dash of the taxi, and if there is a problem with price, at least you have details of the driver to hand; and if they are reasonable will provide a printed receipt upon arrival at your hotel.

In any case, if you arrive at the hotel with such a bill, go out and talk to the bell boy or reception, before you pay. Also make a picture of their license which is always in the dashboard, and the license plate. Any regular taxi, trying to scam, will probably just drive away.

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