If you just have 2-3 days layover in Beijing, you may take 2 nights + 1 daytime to visit Xi'an from Beijing, no hotel is needed.

Beijing to Xian by overnight sleeper train

Train number:  T231 Z43 Z19  
Beijing West depart 18:55 19:58 20:41 day 1
Xian main station arrive 07:42 08:33 08:15 day 2

Xian to Beijing by overnight sleeper train

Train number: T232 Z42 Z20 Z44  
Xian main station depart 17:44 19:36 19:30 19:15 day 1
Beijing West arrive 06:08 09:16 07:00 08:26 day 2

the ticket is about 290rmb+ for Hard sleeper.

4 berthsoftsleeper

* 4-berth soft sleeper

2 berth deluxe soft sleeper

*2-berth deluxe soft sleeper


If you want some relax, and have more time, you can take the high-speed train for near 6hrs on the morning, live in hotel for the night and return on the next night, such as:

Beijing to Xian by high-speed train

Train number: G651  
Beijing West depart 07:00 Classes:  S,1,2
Xian main station arrive 12:52  

night: live at hotel or the same day round-trip for your most intensive trip:

Xian to Beijing by high-speed train

Train number: G670  
Xian main station depart 18:05 Classes:  S,1,2
Beijing West arrive 23:26  

the ticket is about 517rmb+ for 2nd class.

1st class
 *1st class

2nd class
*2nd class

business class
* business class

superior class
*Superior class


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