Name in Egnlish and on the google map:
 Great Wall of China, or MuTianYu Great Wall, Built in the 6th century
Name in Chinese:
 Mutianyu Village, BoHai Town, Huairou District, Beijing; located about 80Km (50mi) northeast of TianAnMen Square, Beijing.
 86 10 61626022
WiFi at the ticket room : 
 ID: mtygreatwall-yk , Password: mty20140628


 MuTianYu Position on the Map:

mutianyu great wall position in beijing

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MuTianYu Routes and Transportations:

mutianyu great wall route

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Get to MuTianYu by Riding Long Distance Public Bus from DongZhiMen:

Start point: 
Get-off Station:
 HuaiRou BeiDaJie (North Street) Streetscape (北大街, North Street) at HuaiRou District (怀柔区)
 Near to 2 hours
916 express Cost:
 12yuan/Cash, 6yuan/IC Card;

916 express route from dongzhimen to beidajie at huairou

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  HuaiRou Taxi, or private cars
 around half hour;
Local Taxi Cost:
 around 50yuan;
Private car Cost:
 around 50rmb/per car;

beidajie at huairou to great wall of china

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video: How to get to the Great Wall Mutianyu by public bus


Get to MuTianYu by Chartered Taxi or Private Cars from downtown hotel or Airport:

from tiananmen to mutianyu great wall

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 from airport to great wall of china

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Duration from inside city:
 1.5 hours
Duration from airport:
 1 hour
 500yuan - 1200yuan, depending on the pax, vehicle type, season, time periods, etc. suggest to hire the driver who could speak in english in advance.


The Great Wall of China Guide  Map:

 mutianyu great wall guide map

(click to enlarge map)

mutianyu great wall entry

Tickets and Prices of mutianyu great wall:

1. shuttle bus: 15rmb/pp
2. cable car: 120rmb/pp/roundtrip; 100rmb/oneway
3. chairlift up & toboggan down: 120rmb/pp/roundtrip; 100rmb/pp/oneway
4. great wall entry: 45rmb/pp

total: 180rmb/pp

if cable car up and toboggan down: 100rmb+100rmb+15rmb+45rmb=260rmb/pp

when it is in low season fare, Nov. 1 - Mar. 31:

1. cable car: 100rmb/pp/roundtrip; 80rmb/oneway
2. chairlift up & toboggan down: 100rmb/pp/roundtrip; 80rmb/pp/oneway

Cable Car:

cable car at mutianyu great wall

Chairlift & toboggan (Gondola, or slide):

chairlift at mutianyu great wall

toboggen (gondola, slide) at mutianyu great wall

toboggan and slide

tobaggon at mutianyu great wall

toboggan and slide


Some Free Services supplied by the mutianyu great wall scenic company

1. ATM to get RMB cash

get cash from ATM at mutianyu great wall

2. Wifi

mutianyu great wall free wifi

3. Travel Goods for free to use with some deposit

travel goods for free to use with some deposit

4. left luggages at the information counter


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