As long as go into the downtown Beijing, you must visit the JingShan Park, because:

1. You could overlook the Forbidden City,  the top of the JingShan mountain is the only best position to see the panorama;

overlook the forbidden city
overlook the forbidden city

2. You could overlook the ZhongNanHai lake and mountains on the west, ZhongNanHai is the office of the  Chairman of China;

overlook the western zhongnahai lake
overlook the western zhongnanhai lake

3. You could overlook the CBD skyscrapers on the east;

overlook the cbd
overlook the CBD (Central Business District)

4. You could overlook the Central Axis of Beijing from north to south;

central axis
central axis

5. The entry ticket is very cheap: 2rmb.

6. The small mountain is not high, very easy to climb, suit for almost all ages.

wan chun ting
small mountain

Anyway, it is worth to visit.

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