For some ships, there is a bus shuttle that will go directly from Beijing hotels to the port and is usually about USD45-50 per person. 

For most ships, you have to DIY and typically the choices are either:

(a) Private car door-to-door (expect to pay about USD 170-200 for a passenger sedan); 
(b) Shared-van door-to-door (approx USD 250 split between 4-6 people); 
(c) Fast C train sandwiched between two taxi transfers. The best destination is Yujiapu station which is closer to the port than Tianjin. First class train seat is USD 10. Taxi on the Beijing end from most central hotels will be less than USD 10. Taxi on the Yujiapu-Port end should be about USD 15. There aren't as many trains to Yujiapu, so taking a train to Tianjin main station is possible but the taxi ride will be much longer and double the cost. It just depends on timing of your ship boarding.


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