We are headed to Thailand at the end of October and have an 8 hour layover in Beijing. We land at 5:20 am and do not take off until 2:05 in the afternoon. I am wanting to get out and see one sight there while we have the time, and after the 14 hour flight it will feel good to get out and walk a bit! I just read that the Forbidden City does not open until 8:30, which should give us enough time to go through customs and the taxi ride there. I read that I can pre-purchase our tickets to get inside 10 days prior. I was hoping to spend about 2 hours there but in no way want to feel pressed for time getting back to the airport, check in and ready for our final flight. Am just wondering from anyone who may know if this is doable.


1. You'll be out of the airport at 6h15 or so. The Forbidden City opens at 8h30 and the taxi ride will be about 45 minutes. You can also take the subway.If you are so early, you may want to walk around Tian'Anmen to kill time. You should leave at 11h30 or so to be back at the airport a little after noon. No need to worry about pre-booking your entry ticket. This is doable and not stressful at all.

2. mutianyu great wall is your another choose, you should hire a driver in advance, if you start on 6:30, take 1 hr or so on the way, take 3 hrs on the wall, you could head back to airport on 11:30.

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