1.  Panjiayuan flea market, Saturday, day before opening. Located in the eastern outskirts of Beijing Jinsong xikou. The old city in the western market, opening six, day two days a week (8,300, sit around the direct access to public transportation).

2. you can take the subway to the peace Liulichang, walk 5 minutes to. Here is Beijing's ancientcoin shop.

3. Numismatic Museum this museum is located in Deshengmen city.

4. Siu Kai Chaowai classical furniture market is located in the northwest corner of Chaoyang District Siu Kai Chaowai East Third Ring Road Jinsong East, Panjiayuan South bridge. Classical furniture market, second-hand market and Panjiayuan just across the road.

5. market in Hongqiao has a long history, it is located opposite the Tiantan Park East Gate

6. market collectibles market for more than 10 years of history. Is located in Chaoyang DistrictLiangmaqiao Road No. 27, covers an area of 5000 square meters, the owners of 200 households. Adjacent to the third embassy district, Sino Japanese Youth Exchange Center, the main business has value to the collection of porcelain, jade, watches, cameras, calligraphy and painting, carpet, furniture and household ornaments accessories such as eight old handicraft.

7. temple cultural market, located south of Guang'an street, the temple of the temple culturemarket, now has become the field of business books, calligraphy and painting, coins, antiques exchange, business is booming. Is money, old books, cigarette, spark, comic books, ticket card,vintage etc..

8. Beijing Antique City and Shichahai River lotus market, near the West Park official, North Sanhuan, north of Shijingshan District Dazhongsi market flea market antique street.


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